Avoid the risk of building over subterranean infrastructure

40 years of expertise underground

Build Safe, Stay Safe

Maximise Real Estate Potential

Informed Design, First Time Success

Risk Mitigation

Protection Against Claims

Protection of Underground Assets

Future Proof Data

BIM Compliant

Infotec, a reputation built over time

Obtaining build over consent for any project or development relies upon a robust and assured application. Infotec offer a range of solutions to best support your build over application and maximise your real estate potential.

Our pioneering solutions include gyroscopically tracked in-pipe LIDAR and 3D infrastructure point cloud modelling which provide unparalleled accuracy without the requirement for manned entry.

Infotec are multi award-winning survey experts and continually pioneer groundbreaking solutions within a challenging and unseen environment.

    'Don't go underground without us'

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